About Karin Solidoro

All my childhood I was immensely happy. To talk about my childhood, is to share to the world a great part of the magic that I enjoyed as a child, about each passage that I lived in the forbidden garden of my grandparents next to a magical Goblin from the Papaya plant. I know few people believe in my experience, but I spent plently of time playing in El Huerto (garden) with a little Elf who told stories. On many occasions, I thought that it appeared as part of my imagination, since I considered myself a misunderstood girl, infinitely extroverted that would make every child run away. At a young age, I wrote everything I heard and lived with my wonderful friend in my grandparent’s garden, but when I grew up I went to school and soon I forgot to visit El Duende Papaya; I sudddenly started writing secretely at the age of 7, all the stories that my little friend made me live and enjoy a truly amazing experience. For many years, I dedicated myself to different activities, I studied different careers, I was successful as a professional, but I did not feel complete; I felt the need to do something greater in this world so now I try to make my dreams an inspiration for others. I believe that nothing is a coincidence and every moment in our lives has a cause. I have more than 150 characters and almost 100 stories, some I remember perfectly and others I dream, the music surrounds all my senses, every story or those of my friend El Duende Papaya have their own music, I can take them out from the bottom of my heart, create the musical notes and listen to the instruments; I can clearly see each landscape and passage of each wonderful story. I know that the world needs us, to recover and build happiness, we are not far from achieving it. I also know that through these wonderful stories, we will really wake up the truth. I have dedicated a special story to my dear friend El Duende Papaya and it is a spectacular work “Charlotte y el Duende Papaya” will make you dream.